August 11, 2015

How are you stunners? It's been such a hectic week. Work and sleep. I have been delaying this post. I don't even remember how long it has been since I shot this look. But, I like to keep some time between my posts so things are fresh and noticed.


July 21, 2015

I cannot even tell you how happy I am!! This woman Shani Amit, she has been my inspiration from the time I began blogging, and collaborating for her brand is literally a dream come true! It feels great when your work is appreciated from someone you love and some...

July 16, 2015








June 1, 2015

I was so excited when I came to know about this buzz. GILES IN INDIA! That too at KoovsKoovs has always been one of my favorite shopping stations. I absolutely love the collection they offer and it just got better when Giles was introduced at Koovs!

And since...

May 23, 2015

Ahaaan! I was sad today, because this was our last day in Venice, basically our last day of vacation and obviously who would want to leave this beautiful place and go away.

But yeah, I had to come to India for my work, friends, college and other projects. Back to...

May 17, 2015

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god abjauzbvhjyiownavzh! All this because I was that excited, as our next destination was Santorini! I mean SANTORINI, guys! The feeling of getting there was at its peak, which made me dance, smile and want to reach and explore Santor...

May 17, 2015

After Corfu we were back on our cruise for our next destination. The excitement was real. I didn't want time to pass quickly but at the same time I wanted to reach and explore my next destination in Greece!

I had mixed feelings but the best part was the cruise wa...

May 11, 2015

My vacation this year started off in Venice, but that wasn't the beginning, my vacation actually started when we were on board and by this I mean we were going to be on a cruise for the next one week!

I was in awe with the cruise and everything about it, like I d...

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