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May 30, 2015

  Yesterday was such a fun day! And yes it was Friday!!! *dancing*

Also, my last three days of my vacation :(

I need to do something fun before I get back to reality. Ha-ha. I started off my day late, then I had to meet Vikas and we had to go to the mall to get so...

May 23, 2015

Finally! I'm putting up my #ootd on the day I wore it! Haha. It gets a bit difficult to blog your ootd on the same day. But yes, finally I managed to do this. I had to go out for lunch today, I had light breakfast because I wanted to have proper food out there,...

May 23, 2015

Ahaaan! I was sad today, because this was our last day in Venice, basically our last day of vacation and obviously who would want to leave this beautiful place and go away.

But yeah, I had to come to India for my work, friends, college and other projects. Back to...

May 22, 2015


After getting done with our last stop in Greece, we had another sea day on our cruise and then we were reaching Venice. The feeling was mixed and we got so used to being on the cruise that now when it was time to leave the cruise we just couldn't...

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