February 23, 2018

Hi guys! How's February treating you all? So far so good? I hope it's all going well :)
In December, right after my birthday, I had injured my left foot. This was exactly after my Contiki trip. But now I'm happy to say that I've just recovered from my leg injury...

March 31, 2017

Hi guys! Finally, the day for my second Contiki trip arrived! I still remember the exact feeling when I left for my first Contiki trip, which took me to Europe. Being my first ever International solo trip; I was a complete basket case and was nervous, anxious an...

July 2, 2016

Hi there! How are you all doing? The past few months have been crazy for me. I have been travelling way too much, be it different countries, cities in India or say within Bombay itself! But I am trying my best to share my beautiful experiences, long journeys and...

June 7, 2016

Hey, how are you all? So excited to share another Contiki post with you, this one's a continuation of the previous post!

If you haven't seen that yet, you can have look here and then connect to this post after reading that one! :)

Putting up a travel post together...

May 24, 2016

My journey with Contiki finally began! I was excited ever since I had my first conversation with the Contiki team regarding this trip, and when the time had finally arrived, I was filled with mixed emotions.

For those who are still not aware of what #Contiki is –...

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