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      Mumbai, India | Email: santoshi@thestyledge.com

May 22, 2015


After getting done with our last stop in Greece, we had another sea day on our cruise and then we were reaching Venice. The feeling was mixed and we got so used to being on the cruise that now when it was time to leave the cruise we just couldn't...

May 20, 2015


I hope you enjoyed my Santorini look but after a lot of blue, it was time for some orange. So after Santorini our next stop was Mykonos and I was so stoked to be there because Greek mythology has always intrigued me. Our first stop in Mykonos was this a...

March 26, 2015

It's so hot outside. Hating the weather already:(

The other day I received my package from Khara Kapas. Guess what, they sent me a perfect summer fix outfit! I'm in love with the outfit, it's so breezy, comfy and it’s cotton clothing, which is so light, you won't...

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