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People have different tastes, few of them love hoarding jewelry and accessories, few of them love jackets, coats, shrugs, others love scarfs, stoles etc. and there are also people like me who loves everything Haha!

So Yeah,

This post is all about, how you make one outfit look different..

Starting from something casual, I would wear my basics a simple pair of jeans and a top to college and since I had to go for a lunch date immediately after it was over...I thought of carrying this statement pearl neckpiece from Claire’s in my bag and a pair of heels =*D


By styling it this way, the outfit looks so different, elegant and not at all simple. This is the easiest way to go, when you are in a hurry and you don’t know what to do about it, just carry your statement jewelry and a good pair of shoes and you are ready and jazzed up for any event! Yayy! :D

My second look is all about layering your basic outfit, so I chose to wear my cape, as my outfit is already simple, the cape complements the outfit and it also stands out, so you have people asking you, "Hey where is this cape from?" =P haha! This happens when something really stands out and becomes a focal point. So, get your jackets, kimonos, capes etc. out and wear it over your basics and bam you look like a diva.


The third look is all about looking chic and smart but still not putting much effort. Get your favorite scarf and drape it the way you want and you’re done!! Here, I’m also wearing a pair of brogues to complete my style and you can wear whatever you want along with it to give it that edgy look.


So guys go ahead and try these looks. ALSO, for details watch the VIDEO of this post on YouTube. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel #TheStyledge. Stay tuned for more posts like these to stay edgy and trendy.

Lots of love,


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