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Sometimes you don’t know what to wear, you have so many options, but still you are like “nothing to wear man”. Most of us face this problem haha!:)

So at such times, I plan on wearing something basic, WHAT! Did I just say something BASIC? . Duh, how can I wear something basic, if I wanna go out for a lunch or an event and make my outfit look dressy and not boring…Hmmm skeptical right? So wearing basics is not the answer.

Wearing something basic with a pop of color is the idea.

So in this post, its all about getting a color into action, and that color would do all the talking for you and you would still look dressed and classy ;)

I decided to go with a simple black spaghetti top with this double colored pair of denims, Blue on the front and Black on the backside. Since my whole outfit falls on the darker side, I had to choose a color, which would pop out. So I recently got this Orange clutch from The Sg-Collection, they have amazing bags, clutches etc. for different occasions, starting from something that you would use on your daily basis to a party and then a wedding basically for all kinds of occasions, their bags are exclusive and I really like their designs.You can also check them over Instagram and Facebook. Ever since I got this clutch, which has a golden, silver lining on the border. I was waiting to style this with an outfit. The orange is so bright, fresh and rich; that I thought it was the perfect color to match up with this outfit. And my shoes, I have these perfect orangish red colored heels from Zara, which complements this clutch so well.


Since the clutch had a mixture of gold and silver, I wanted to add one of the two to my outfit, I didn’t want any statement bold accessory, that would be too loud for this outfit, as my main focus was on the color.

So I decided to go for something subtle yet stylish making the look complete and not boring with this thigh chain, it’s so different, smart and chic. Always wanted to try this one. Got this piece online from Zahra Jani’s collection. My favorite label for accessories, you’ll can check them on Instagram and Facebook, or their website. I personally love their collection; they have all kinds of accessories under one roof. You can order yours from :D

Also to go with the look, I decided to go orange on my lips.So make it a point to keep it plain with some color acting as a feature to your outfit ;)


Outfit details: Top from HnM, Bottoms from Forever 21,

Shoes Zara, Clutch thesgcollection , accessory from Zahrajani, On my lips: Revelon Colorburst 245 Audacious.

Pictures clicked by Riya Raut. Find her on Instagram.

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