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Cocktail look with jewels from MINAWALA

I have been doing a lot of fun looks lately, always wanted to do a cocktail look for you guys. These days, cocktail parties are dressy-casual, so you can’t go wrong if you wear a top with some special details, a skirt, tailored pants and heels or fancy flats however it’s preferable to avoid fabrics that are too casual, like chino, jersey, and denim. I usually like wearing a high waist skirt with a top with details on it, I like minimal yet classy style. But for the first time, I went a far cry from dresses, skirts and opted for a Black Tube Peplum Jumpsuit instead, from Pimp My Style. I absolutely love how gorgeous this dress looks. Moreover the feel of the dress (by the feel I mean the fabric) is just so classy and looks rich. I must say it’s a perfect outfit for a cocktail party.

As for me, cocktail look is all about being elegant and making a statement. The dress fits perfectly for the theme, but adding some statement jewels is equally important as it adds up to the elegance of the dress and completes my cocktail look. I’m very selective when it comes to jewelry; it has to be unique and stand out. Above all, I want my outfit to complement the jewels and vice versa. For this purpose, I chose Minawala to get my perfect cocktail look.

Minawala is a renowned Diamond Jewelry brand, they have such an amazing collection, right from Queen’s Jewels to Organic designs; they have it all! With attention to what I selected for my cocktail look, this beautiful pearl choker with diamonds and an off centered green tourmaline. This is one of my favorites from their Queen’s Jewels collection. It is really gorgeous and I absolutely love it with my outfit. Guess what! I came across a picture of Princess Diana after the shoot where she wore a beautiful tube black dress and a similar pearl choker around her neck. No doubt it’s from their Queen’s Jewels Collection, as it is royal and totally changes the whole look of the outfit. The best part about the choker is that it is versatile and you can wear it as a bracelet too. Wow!

To compliment the choker I went for a bracelet again from their Queen’s Jewels collection, which is amazingly sleek and is crafted in 18k white gold with diamonds and emeralds. Since I already wore a choker, I kept that as a statement jewelry and simply went for diamond studded earrings along with a ring from their Space Odyssey collection. How gorgeous are they! Totally adds a bling to my look. This look is absolutely classy and sophisticated, just how I like it! So keeping it minimal and classy, I went for my black and white stripped pumps and a ponytail for a sleek cocktail look, which highlights the choker. Putting on some Maroon on my lips, which goes with my stunning black outfit. This was my first look with Minawala.








dv dv .jpg

DSC_0201 copy.jpg








I have also got a second option with the same outfit, where I decided to keep my neck open and instead went for something heavy on my ears. The tube dress I’m wearing is so beautiful, that sometimes you might not feel like wearing anything around your neck and keep it free to show your collars off, focusing on the pattern. At such times, get the focus on your earrings. Hence, I went with their BEAUTIFUL diamond earrings from The Jardin collection, which has an emerald in the center. Isn’t it rich and outstanding! I love the style of it. Adding to the elegance of the earrings, I went for diamond rings, one of it is from The Jardin collection and the other from the Bollywood by design collection, they complement the earrings really well. So I completed my look with this diamond-studded bracelet from their LA 1950’s collection, which again, is my favorite as it’s different, sleek and smart. For this look I kept my hair loose, taking it on one side, which gives a feminine chic look.

Here are the pictures for the same xx








Peplum romper - PIMP MY STYLE

Jewelry - MINAWALA

Footwear - Forever21

On My Lips – Color essence Moods in Maroon

#Minawala #Pimpmystyle

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