Hey! It's been a busy week for me, not really busy, but my exams just started and I have been trying to study since a week! Haha. Two papers got done and finally I've got some time to relax since I've got the weekend till my next exam! Feels so good! So here I am writing about this interesting outfit for you guys featuring AWW!

The top that I'm wearing; I haven't come across such a sleek design ever before this! It's so classy, chic and unique! The best part is that it talks about your feminine personality making it look strong and bold. I'm so sure the designers have totally studied a woman's personality while creating this! I feel like a super-girl no wonder! Loving the blend of the two fabrics put together, it's contemporary and flawless. I absolutely love the colour palate of this beautiful flair top! The flair has amazing textures and shades, which totally complements the grey. The feel of the top is so serene, it’s so easy and light. Can’t stop crushing over my Aww! piece! Gets me to think about some beautiful places across the world! Such a romantic affair!

I decided to wear denim shorts with the top since is edgy and chic at the same time! A perfect outfit for the weather outside! The orange, the grey and chambray, blends perfectly! Wore my black and grey block heels to complement the colours of the outfit! It gives a sophisticated dreamy look! To add to the boldness of the outfit, I accessorized it with gold arm cuffs and this cutout bold gold cuff. The tint of orange and gold looks culminating!

Oh yes, I have electric blue hair going with the outfit. It's the temporary colour spray from B Blunt, which I got in my Happiness Cage. Absolutely loving this look with the outfit, I usually don't prefer colouring my hair, but after trying this I completely changed my mind. Definitely going to lay my hands on some more colours!! Haha. Alright, have a look here xx



Flair top - AWW!

Denim shorts - Hill Road, Bandra

Arm cuffs - The Style Quotient

Hand Cuff - Not Just Tiaras

Foot Wear - New Look On My Lips - MAC Kinda sexy + Revelon Colorburst 245


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