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DAY 5 - SANTORINI!!!!!! #ootd

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god abjauzbvhjyiownavzh! All this because I was that excited, as our next destination was Santorini! I mean SANTORINI, guys! The feeling of getting there was at its peak, which made me dance, smile and want to reach and explore Santorini as fast as possible. Before coming to the island, I had heard so much about it, the places, the people, the weather, the feel, everything about it is so dreamy that I will always be grateful to have had a chance of visiting such a beautiful place. And being an architecture student I was all the more enthusiastic about being there.

When I finally reached Santorini, it was even prettier than I could have imagined. I don't know how to even explain the beauty of the place but since I stepped foot on the island, everything about Santorini screamed majestic. The view was breathtaking and yes this was the perfect place to be with your loved one. I can't find the proper words to describe the place. I could only see shades of whites, blues, greens, and spectacular view of the endless sea! I just couldn't get enough of the view from every spot! The doors in the middle of nowhere, the cafes, the jacuzzis, the churches I can just go on and on and on! I was loving the weather, the food with that view and the architecture. The blue domes are the churches, it's blue because church symbolizes peace, peace is heaven and the heaven is blue. So that's the concept of the place being blue and white. So composed, it's actually heaven on earth if that's the beauty of heaven that we've imagined.

I cannot stop talking about my feelings of being there and enjoying the place, and finally jumping to what I wore in Santorini.

I wore this blue-cropped polo top and a digital print slit skirt from Koovs. My skirt had greens, blues and yellows, which really worked for my top, and it looked like a set or a coordinate but it wasn't. I kept my outfit simple by adding a small strip of metallic tattoo on my waist and back and also added my metallic silver sliders from Koovs. Also, since it was slightly sunny in Santorini I wore my reflectors from Lola's Closet and it added up to my outfit. And guess what, I actually dressed according to the place. The blue there of the sky, water and the blue domes made me feel like a part of the island that day. I was so glad to be there to enjoy its beauty. And yes I say this yet again, I haven't visited all the places on this earth but this by far has to be the best one till now for me.

Enjoy the pictures in the best location ever! xx Santorini all the way!!

Photos by TANVI ATAL







#KOOVS #ootd #METALLICTATTOOS #GREECE #travelstories #Santorini

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