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DAY 6 - MYKONOS!! #ootd


I hope you enjoyed my Santorini look but after a lot of blue, it was time for some orange. So after Santorini our next stop was Mykonos and I was so stoked to be there because Greek mythology has always intrigued me. Our first stop in Mykonos was this archaeological site on the small island of Delos. This island is the place where Goddess Leto gave birth to the goddess of the moon, Artemis and the god of the sun, Apollo.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I had carried a lot of coordinates for this trip so for Mykonos I decided to wear my tangerine coordinates from Stalk Buy Love. I absolutely adore this piece, they are so cool! Simple, chic and makes a statement!

I am a huge polo neck fan and the midi skirt goes perfectly with the crop! The outfit is so old school and I'm in love. When I decided to wear this for the day, I wasn't sure about my footwear I was confused between my Pineapple platforms and these Olive Native Shoes. But then we were also visiting the archeological site there, hence keeping that in mind I decided to go with the olive green shoes!

I'm so glad that I wore the Native Shoes, since we had too much of walking on ruins and all of that, it was just perfect for the day. I absolutely loved the beauty of the archeological site, back to the olden days. The architecture was so different back then and it was amazing to see the remains and listen to the story. The water at the site was so clear, my skirt and the shoe allowed me to step in and enjoy the feel of being there with that amazing view! The view from there was so much like Leh Ladakh, I haven't been to Ladakh though but I have seen it in pictures and there's definitely some resemblance there.

After the Archeological site, we were back to the main city of Mykonos, where we were chilling at the beach site, at cafes, grabbing Gelatos and just having fun. It was sunny and nice. I loved the weather that day and I was so happy with my outfit for the day. Again the city had similar architecture like Santorini.

My pictures for the blog are captured at the House of Cleopatra, Mykonos.

Grab a look xx

Photos by TANVI ATAL








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