Yesterday was such a fun day! And yes it was Friday!!! *dancing*

Also, my last three days of my vacation :(

I need to do something fun before I get back to reality. Ha-ha. I started off my day late, then I had to meet Vikas and we had to go to the mall to get something. So I'm sharing my #ootd post with you guys.

Since we were going to the mall and probably for lunch somewhere, I wanted something very casual and chic. That's my style usually. I love casual dressing over being all dressy.

In school I was more like a tomboy. Ha-ha, who would've guessed?

Well, so I got this smart top from Missa More, it is their 'Stripe it out' top. I have lately been shopping a lot from there. I think they have a pretty collection with a lot of different pieces to select from, plus they are so reasonable!! Absolutely loving the store. They have a lot of long silhouettes. But I really liked this casual yet smart top, it is grey and has coloured stripes with few aztec details on it. The fit of the top is so chic, it's loose, boxy and I love the length of the sleeve. I think this pattern of tops is so in right now.

One of my favorites from their store, I can wear it as many times I want to, I don't think I'll ever get bored! It just so comfy after all! :D

The first thing that came to my mind after looking at the top was a pair of blue denims! I personally think they go so well with each other. I got this awesome sauce denim from H&M. They are Capri length, and the best part is that it has an extension piece of clothing till your high waist. The blue thing you see? Yes, that's connected with the denims and looks like you have tucked in your tee. So sometimes you are wearing a crop and you don't want to show your tummy! This works really well. Also it shows up to be low waist, so you don't have to worry about your undies being seen! They make you so comfortable and you won't be conscious when you are in it.

Last but not the least, I decided to wear my cutest pair of shoes!! The kitty ballerinas from Runway Rebel! They are so adorable, aren't they? They go so perfectly with the attire, making it casual, chic and also the pop of colour to the outfit works so well here! The red and the yellow of my shoes complement the top so well. Don't forget to check out Runway Rebel for more crazy designs. I'm such a Runway Rebel hoarder; I already have four pairs from their latest collection.

Sometimes I like my outfit to be minimal with no accessories; the only thing I carried is this blue leather clutch from Cortés, which really goes well with my outfit. And I tried three different hairstyles with the look, one is the topknot, then I did the half topknot and finally loose hair. Everything goes with this casual look, how cool! Let me know which one did you like the best?

That's all about my yesterday's casual #ootd, here are the pictures xx









#missamore #RunwayRebel #OOTD

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