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Happy Sunday you lovely people!

How are you guys doing? Sunday is all about pampering your self and relaxing. That's why today on my blog I'm putting up my skin care routine with SKIN YOGA. After I came back from Greece, I was looking for some products for de-tan, acne prone skin and breakouts.

I came across Skin Yoga through the Internet and Instagram , this is not the first time I came across them as I had earlier received a Skin Yoga face scrub in one of my fab bags which I have been using frequently since then.

Since Skin Yoga is a 100% natural skincare brand, I was very keen on using these products for my skin and see if they work for me. I prefer natural products on my skin since I have a sensitive skin. So I went through all their products on their website and called for two products according to my requirements. One is the COFFEE BODY SCRUB, which said Anti Cellulite and De Tanning, and the other one is the GREEN TEA FACE MASK, which said Acne Control. I got these products last week and it's been a week now that I have been using them and I already love the results on me.

It's obviously no magic, everything takes time, but I can see the difference in my skin after I started using these Skin Yoga products. Firstly, if I start talking about the packaging I wouldn't stop. It came in these cute laser-cut wooden boxes. Nice and safe! I absolutely love the packaging, already impressed. As said, the first impression is the last impression. I really like it when the packaging looks pleasing and that gets you all excited to use the product.


Okay so let's talk about the Green Tea Face Mask first. My skin is prone to acne, I always have that one zit on my face or a scar from the last one. I have used this mask twice now and the scars have become lighter already, plus right now I haven't spotted a new zit on my face. *Thank God* I drink my Green tea everyday and it really works on my body! No wonder this mask started showing good results on my skin as well. It's Green tea based, antioxidant rich facemask and 100% natural acne control formula. It also has Rice Flour that acts as a natural whitening agent and adds glow to the skin. I took one teaspoon of Mask Power and added 3 teaspoons of hot water to make a paste. The paste formed wasn't thick. You can see my selfie with the mask, it isn't like the usual green thick masks. It's light and hydrating. I washed it after 5 to 7 minutes and I really liked my skin appearance, making my skin smoother and I felt so fresh after doing this!

So, I did this twice the last week and I'm going to continue with it twice a week for the next month for better results.


This is my favorite scrub till now! I haven't come across such a scrub before. It helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Now I can't comment as to whether it does help in the reduction of cellulite because I haven't had any in a while but it definitely helps in for detan and stretch marks. I have been using this daily since a week now and as I have my vacations on, I have the time to apply the scrub during my shower everyday. Making the most of it now since after tomorrow my college starts and I would probably be using it twice a week.

It looks like mud, ha-ha! Kidding. It exactly looks like coffee powder and smells like coffee. I'm a coffee addict so I love it even more. When I use the scrub I don't apply my daily soap because I want my skin to absorb the product and make the most out of it. One sachet worked for 4days. The scrub really works, it's amazing. My skin type is rough and after using this it feels soft and it definitely rejuvenates my skin!

That's all about my reviews on my Skin Yoga products. I will definitely review more products and introduce it to you if I come across any good ones like these. You can shop for your Skin Yoga products here. Till then enjoy your Sunday xx


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