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Friday Night at JW CAFÉ

The weekend just started! It was a Friday and I was planning for a dinner outing along with Vikas and my brother Siddharth! I came to know about the Sea Food Friday Nights at JW Café, JW Marriot Sahar. I don't eat meat but I’m a fish and a egg eater! So I was so excited to go for this endless seafood buffet!

Finally we left, as we arrived to the venue, I already fell in love with the ambience, so spacious and classy! We were warmly welcomed into the cafe by Mr. Abhijeet Adurkar, the Restaurant Manager who showed us around and gave us details about what makes Sea Food Friday. It was grand! I love the setup and the interiors. Already gives you a very voluminous feel about the place adding up to its elegance. I see different stations starting from the chat, salads, appetizers with different varieties of cheese and breads, Arabian station, sushi, grills, Indian, pastas, Thai and finally desserts! Name it and you have it. The Bartender was kind enough to quench our thirst my making us one of their specialty mock tails- Chilly Lemon Cooler. That wasn't real now, was it? A weird combination but no complaints because I loved it!

The variety that they offered was fantastic. And for the seafood special night they had exotic lobsters, Alaskan crabs, succulent red snappers, mussels and an entire armada of crabs!! I started off with my salads, I made my own salad with different dips and veggies. Then I had sushi and some grilled fish. So yummy! The sushi were beautifully made and tasted even better with a zing of wasabi in every bite. What caught my fancy was the Prawn Tempura Sushi. The Sushi platter was thoroughly enjoyed as well and is definitely worth a mention. If you are a seafood lover you should surely try the Alaskan crab and the array of cold cuts of fishes marinated perfectly in some really tasty sauces! Loved it. And they had my favourite prawns chips!

If you think your meal should should include some wholesome desi khana, then there's an entire section dedicated to all kinds of chaats, pav bhaji, biryani, dal-chawal, curries, sabzi and the likes. A special mention to their Murgh Malai Tikka, which was completely spot on. But with a such huge spread of dishes from around the world I could surely live without Indian food for a day. Just too many options! The Middle Eastern section had a live Shawarma counter along with the usual specialties like Hummus, Babaganoush and Tahini. In the Thai section I tried the Tom Yum Soup with some prawns, glass noodles and some veggies. It was a delight, the right amount of pungency and tanginess. Do try it!

We had an amazing meal, taking our own time, walking around, experiencing the space and looking at the food and drooling. It was a relaxed atmosphere at the fine dine there.

While we were deciding at each counter as to what goes into our tummies tonight, the Sous Chef Mr. Danish Merchant made it easy for us by telling us what to try. He was kind enough to personally make a few bites for us at the live counter. After we got done with our food, we waited for a while to have the desserts! OMG! They had such an amazing dessert spread and we surely couldn't miss that! I'm not even exaggerating but it was limitless! We wanted to taste each and every dessert out there! The waffles were amazing! It said the best waffles in Bombay and yes definitely I agree to that. I also loved the cream fondue, the Opera and the Financier. The desserts also included a variety of Indian sweet and a wide range of European style pastries, tarts, cheesecakes and mousse. Oh, we also tired the ice cream, I had the strawberry and Vanilla with some candies and dips. I'm craving that right now! And of course who doesn't like a Candy Counter? Can I get a few marshmallows, gummy bears and a few other candies on my plate please? Childhood dream relived!

We definitely had a super amazing time, and the best part is that all three of us are foodies, so we loved being there and enjoyed each and every moment. Thanks to the amazing service and food! If you are planning for a lavish dinner this weekend, make sure this is on top of your list!! I can't wait to get there again and try the vegetarian delights.

Also, a little bit of what I wore that day, I went for a chic yet sophisticated look with my black high waisted trousers, rebels convention jacket from Spring Break and went for a ring and this gorgeous classy metallic clutch, which was perfect for the evening! Wore my zebra stripe pumps to match up with the outfit and some Marsala lips.



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