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Happy Thursday guys!

How are you'll doing? Thursdays are off days for me, as in no college days. Not that I don't have work, I do, but I thought of putting up a quick blog post for you guys, and sharing something fun this time.

It's not about outfits or makeup; it's any thing that I feel works as an accessory for me.

Yes, It's phone covers from DailyObjects.

So yes, I consider phones cases as my accessory as I always have my phone with me and it's so much fun to play with covers according to your moods. I'm one person who gets bored easily and I need varieties and options with my personal things like my phones, laptops, wallets and all of that. And if you see I'm never without a cover for my phone, first because I'm careless and second because covers just add a statement to any look.

I recently came across DailyObjects, they specialize in phone covers. I discovered some amazing edgy and uber cool covers on their web-store. I got three covers for myself...all three are very different and quirky. Let me start with my favourite out of these, that's the DailyObjects Camel Ride Case! I love how vibrant and fun this one looks. Totally puts me in a playful mood. I keep looking at it all the time; the colours on it are so catchy and grabs my attention. The other one I got is the Bison Urban Art Case! Love how creative and abstract the design is. Isn't it attractive? For me it's so edgy and bold! Plus as I said I love vibrant colours, so again a thumbs up for the colours that play on it. Last but not the least, I'm a dog lover, so I got this swagger dog cover it's the DailyObjects 80s Bitch Case. Isn't so cool again? Haha! How adorable and stylish! I'm happy with my picks, and look forward to get more of them once I get bored with these and I'll be like, "it's time to get a new one now". Ha-ha!

All right, there is no doubt on how creative and fun their cases are but let's talk about the quality! It's a total hit! The quality of the cases is so so good. Definitely worth a buy! Also you can check their wide range of super cool covers at

I hope you enjoyed this post, which was different that the usual, but yes Phone covers are the new statement jewellery. So yea, have fun looking at the pictures and stay tuned for more xx














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