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It feels good to be a part of the #feelgoodblogging challenge. I'm Santoshi Shetty, 21, a Final Year Architecture Student and a Blogger from Mumbai, India. My Blog is all about Fashion and Lifestyle. Honestly to start with, I never ever had plans to start a blog. I was always a fashion enthusiast and I love what's happening with me right now. I truly believe in the energy of The Universe, because this is something I had in my subconscious mind always, and the Universe created a path for me to connect with everybody and to share with them my experience, knowledge and love.

I believe everything happens for a reason and for the good. More than focusing on Fashion and Lifestyle I really want to reach out to people and want them to believe in themselves and tell them, if you have seen it, it will happen. Visualize, believe and see it happen to you! That's what happened to me and in this journey, each day I learn something about life and myself. I see the transformation and I feel so good about it, inside and outside. How I have evolved and how it's helping me in every stage. I still don't know what the master plan is but I feel this happened to me, to make me stronger, confident and someone who I always wanted to be.

I love to inspire people with my style and with this connection with my audience; they inspire me as well, which helps me get better day-by-day. For me, I want my blog to reach out to people who are definitely fashion and fitness enthusiasts. That's one part of it, because that's what I post about, it being my passion. But moreover, I want to reach out to people who have seen their vision and are creating the reality! Just like the way I'm doing it. So come work with me! Let us do this together! :)

One message that I would want my readers to take from me as a fashion blogger is that be confident in whatever you wear! If you walk with confidence, you are definitely turning some heads there! Don't be conscious, there is nothing to be conscious about. Love yourself! Love your body and be grateful. More power to you! :*)

Also, a sneak peek of my upcoming collaboration, keep guessing.

The excitement is real!! Have a positive day xx


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