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PJs All Day with LIWA

Hi Beautiful! How are you doing today?

This post is something different; it's not an #ootd but an #ootn! Haha!

By #ootn I mean Outfit Of The Night, but it's not what you are thinking - it's not a super short dress with a pair of killer heels - It's all about PJs!

It was such a lazy day, but as always, I did some shopping over the weekend! As it's the month end sale, I couldn't resist and went to check it out! But once I was home I was in pyjama mode!

So excited to share this post, talking about my jammies from LIWA!

LIWA is all about snoozing in style. They have some fun prints, and the best part is that they personalise your PJs just the way you like it! I got 'Style Edge' monogrammed on my PJs from LIWA. Isn't that so cool? I love it. This pair is my favourite, I'm already in love with how comfortable and snuggly it is. It's soft and effortless. I definitely want to be in it all day all night! Such quirky, cute and adorable sleep sets are definitely what I'm looking for! They're also perfect for your next sleepover with your girls - you'll definitely be the best dressed if you wear these ;)

Don't forget to follow them on Instagram and check out the collection!

Have a look xx


Location Courtesy AA LIVING STORE


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