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Glam up with MyGlamm!

Hello stunners! What's happening?

I have been so busy lately! I've literally have had no time to pamper myself! College, shoots, events, edits etc etc. It's been a while since I've worked out too! I feel so bad about it, but I'll get back in track once my workload is less.

But, forget working out, I haven't gone to a salon since forever! But yes, Sunday I had decided to take a break, give some time to myself and pamper my self! For this, I really didn't have to walk to a salon near my house because I recently came across My Glamm!

If you don't know what My Glamm is about, read on to find out more - and keep your mobile phone handy - you will need it to book your own service!

So My Glamm is all about getting beauty, nail, spa services right at home! I'll tell you how this works.

If you check out their website they have given all the details there. I gave a call to My Glamm, asked them about what services do they provide and the rates obviously. I decided to go ahead with a nail art service, hair spa and a facial. Also, I had an event the other day so asked them if they also give a beauty i.e hair and makeup service at your doorstep! And they said yes! I got so excited, and booked one hair and makeup service to get the perfect look for my event! Ha-ha.

After booking and telling them my dates and timings, they told me they will call me back with the confirmation with the artists and everything else that I need to know. I was surprised how everything was so organised from their end.

Saturday was my event, and I had booked an appointment for Hair & Makeup! Sangeeta from My Glamm was the artist and she did an amazing job! I got in touch with her one day prior, we spoke about what I'm wearing, what look would I like, I also sent her my pictures so she has an idea of how I look and what will look good on me. She gave me a smoky eye plus loose curls. How I wish I could do this everyday! We got done in 45mins with the whole look.

Here are the pictures of my look.

On Sunday - My appointment started at 12. Nail art and Hair spa was happening simultaneously! Simona and Parida were really sweet. I got a French Manicure in a cool way, don't you love it? So perfect & clean!

The hair spa that I got is Moroccan Rituals Hair Spa! You should definitely do this one! Takes away all the damage, making your hair softer and shiner. I was almost done, and Shraddha from My Glamm was already at my doorstep for my facial. I opted for the forest essential advanced facial! Shraddha was so good, the massage was relaxing and I had a nap in between the facial.

Sunday's are for staying at home and getting Glammed up! That's what I did. Book your service now with My Glamm.

Have a lovely day!


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