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Hey you! What's happening? I have always done outfit posts or maybe beauty or shoes - This post is a little different, it's about my favourite lingerie-shopping site! It's about and some of my picks from their website.

I recently ordered a lace bandeau bra from Clovia in navy blue. I was looking for one since the longest time and I finally found one that's perfect for me! I absolutely love the pattern and the lace detailing. It's not like a normal straight fit tube, and that is what makes this piece different from the rest. I enjoy the fit of this tube bra. I adore such lacy tube bras, because it really helps when you are wearing something, which requires an inner, and you don't really want to wear too many layers inside. Opt for a tube bandeau like this one; they also have this in other colours! You can have a look :)

In this post, I am showing you two ways to wear this tube bra. It's really comfortable and doesn't really look like you are just wearing a bra inside. One-way is to do with something sheer, may be a sheer shirt or a top or even a kurti for that matter, you can definitely pull this off with a sheer top.

Other way is to wear it as a bustier top inside a shirt, just like I wore over here. A pair of high waisted shorts with my Clovia tube bra and this denim shirt. This is prefect for a beachy vacation look or may be a pool party! Gives a very chill vibe to your look.

It's all about being comfortable and chic at the same time. Don't forget to check out other lingerie products from I really like their stuff.

Also, I got this cute and sassy satin golden night-slip from Clovia! It's really comfy and has beautiful lace detailing on top. I can be in this all day long - it’s my guilty pleasure! I love wearing beautiful nightwear, because honestly, you never know whom you might meet in your dreams ;)

Here are pictures xx



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