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My favourite part of the year is where I get to wear the AW'15 styles. I personally believe that the dark hues and the strong cuts make our Autumn looks so edgy and strong!I had an amazing event at the Lifestyle store this month for their International Autumn Winter Launch! In this post, I'm going to be talking about my Autumn Winter'15 favourites from Lifestyle and that definitely covers the whole Lifestyle look that I wore during the event.

Well, I wore this gorgeous bright red midi dress, which is part of their Dark Floral Collection! I absolutely loved this rack, where it was all about dark florals which also included dark fall colours like grey, black, burgundy, marsala etc. The idea about dark floral is to get a grunge, edgy and a winter look while maintaining some softness. There's so much you can do with it, go dark on your lips, add layers to your floral look etc. Dark florals are perfect for a nice day party or a brunch look this season! I would love to go all glammed for a lunch with the girls wearing this!

As the dress itself made a statement, I decided not to accessorise my look, but I did add some kind of detail to it, so that it cuts the plain lines and complements the look. I achieved that by getting my hands on these gorgeous pair of wedges that has animal print paneling on the heel. Animal prints are always in, but snakeskin is something that I can't get enough of! I love how the outfit is so plain and the snakeskin, which again is very subtle but bold at the same time, complements the look. You should definitely get a glimpse of Lifestyle's AW'15 trends! I'm sure you are going to like it.

Have a look here xx






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