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Saturday night party? Nothing to wear? This happens to me every time a party comes up! Personally, I really don't end up buying party clothes, I hardly have something to wear for a cocktail night because I don't like spending on such statement pieces that I'm only going to wear once unless and until it's for my birthday! Haha.

I had already tried the FLYROBE app and as soon this party came up, I thought to myself - Hallelujah! I won't need to spend thousands of rupees on an outfit which I'll wear for 3 hours - It’s so not worth it! I needed a saviour, and since it was so last minute, I knew I had only one solution - I need to get an outfit from Flyrobe as soon as possible! I pulled open the App on my phone real quick, and I started browsing through it and came across this gorgeous red dress from MANGO, which cost Rs. 370 to rent - REALLY! Without giving it a second thought (and with a mighty sigh of relief, I might add) I booked the outfit for my occasion!

Trust me, Flyrobe has solved one of the biggest problems faced by girls!! Haha!

Obviously, with a new dress also comes the need to wear new accessories. I didn't have anything that matched, so I ordered a sequin clutch from Dorothy Perkins for Rs.140, and a cuff from Nasty Gal for Rs.114! These made sure that I was perfectly attired from head to toe! I paired my outfit with my strappy gold heels to add some more pizzazz. Order an outfit from FLYROBE this Saturday night, so that you can wear a fabulous dress, and look like a million bucks!

My entire outfit costs Rs. 624 if I order it from FLYROBE, which is totally insane because the MRP is Rs. 7930!

P.S. If you do order your dress, put it up on Instagram and tag me and Flyrobe, with the #TheStyledgexFlyrobe - Use the code SANTOSHI till the 30th of September, and get 25% off your order!!



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