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It's all about some gypsy vibes on the blog today! I'm usually not too big on jewellery, but there are exceptions to be made - especially when your jewellery is bold, different and stands out. I like edgy pieces, with special bias given to chunky pieces. It's all about the feel and the look. If that defines your personality, GO for it - and if not, well, it never hurts to try something new!!

Eurumme is all about handcrafted fashion jewellery and I have tried my best to bring out that aspect of the jewellery in this post. Their pieces are bold with stunning, fairytale-esque stones, very dreamy and magical. These work brilliantly for a day to night look, and you can style it the way you like as it's minimal yet bold!

In my first look, I have tried stacking a few handcuffs, worked a neckpiece as my headgear and wore one long neckpiece to give a gypsy boho vibe or more accurately, a beachy look. You can also pull off this look for a music festival/concert. The gold and browns are definitely stunning, and oh-so-striking.

The other look is more of a subtle day look, where you have a more minimalistic approach, or a light coloured outfit and all you have to do is wear some of these Eurumme pieces to accessorize your outfit and make these the focal point! This is a more casual look, but one that will still make your inner fashionista preens! Perfect for a brunch or it works as a holiday look as well.

I love how delicate yet strong these pieces are :)

Enjoy the gypsy vibes! Xx



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