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L'Oreal Paris's No Colour No Fashion

Hello, what's happening! I’m on my way to Delhi for the Amazon Fashion Week. SUPER EXCITED!! Obviously I had to sort out my outfits, shoes, makeup and especially my hair!

I was never into colouring my hair, I have voluminous dark, almost black hair. I always felt that jet-black suits my skin perfectly. But after a point I got really bored of it and wanted to change my colour. Not exactly change it though, but something that works like a toner for my natural hair colour. I came across the Casting Crème gloss by L’Oreal Paris which is a temporary hair colour and works as a toner as well. This fitted perfectly for what I was looking for!

Well, selecting a colour was not easy because they have so many gorgeous colours! But yea, I kinda knew what I was looking for. Something dark, which looks like a natural colour and adds glow to my skin tone! I went with the "Black Ginger" hair colour, I was initially sceptical about it as I didn't want any sort of light colour or a light brown to my hair. But yes, since my hair is jet black, this worked so well for what I was looking for. I used like 3 packs of it for the amount of hair I have. It gave me this beautiful brown tone, making it look dark and glossy! I am absolutely crushing over the Casting Crème Gloss range.

It feels amazing to be a part of this campaign. I literally had so much fun shooting for it with L'Oreal Paris and my lovely co bloggers, right from the hair colour to the make up, creating the look and the whole girly pastel setup was fabulous! Because you are worth it! ;)

For me hair colouring is all about enhancing your natural tone, so if you haven't done that, you are surely missing something out. - #NoColourNoFashion

Here's the campaign link -

Have a look xx

Wardrobe Courtesy - The Closet Label

#NoColourNoFashion #LOreal #BlackGinger

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