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Festive play with Flyrobe!

Hey hey! What's cooking? How's the festive season treating you? Shop, eat sweets, glam up and click lots of pictures! But honestly, tell me one thing, isn't it a task to actually shop for festive seasons? I hate repeating outfits, and I also adore the quality and craftsmanship of exclusive designer outfits. I love making a statement in ethnic designer wear, so I was super excited when Flyrobe launched their ethnic collection. I was thrilled to find designer labels like Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary (straight from Lakme Fashion Week!), Shehlaa Khan, Aharin, Kalki, Valliyan, Outhouse, etc

And for this reason I'm so glad that Flyrobe has introduced their ethnic line, which actually means that you can wear a different statement look for every occasion! No cribbing anymore for not having a new Indian outfit to wear or having to spend a large sum of money for one unbranded outfit!

As it's Navratri, I recently rented this super cool lehenga for one of the days! I love how rich it is and how amazing it feels! Love the flare of the skirt, but the best part about this piece is that the choli comes with an attached dupatta, so easy to handle, as you don't have to worry about carrying a duppata with you, and making sure it sits properly, or hoping against hope that your pristine white dupatta doesn't get trampled when it accidentally brushes the floor.

This outfit is a Surendri Black and White Mithu Printed Lehenga Set, and the 4-day rental price is Rs. 4699! I'm a huge fan of Surendri's signature parrot and sunflower motifs, and it was love at first sight for me when I spotted this elegant Black and White Mithu Printed Lehengas Set on the app!

Isn't that so cool, I have actually tried something, which is so different, beautiful and fits in my budget. The best thing about ordering from Flyrobe is that all the Indian clothes can be custom fitted! If you order an outfit, but it just needs a pin here, and a little tuck there to make it perfect, do not throw a fit, Flyrobe will send someone across to fix it for you :)

I loved wearing this beautiful piece, you get a different level of confidence when you wear a designer outfit, the elaborate detailing, and exquisite fabrics are incomparable to an unbranded outfit.

My festive fix is definitely Flyrobe! Just open your app and see what suits your style ;)

Enjoy the pictures xx


Jewellery courtesy – Just Jewellery


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