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Hey!!! I guess everyone is back to reality now that Diwali is over! Hoping you'll had a great one, for me it was all about working on my thesis, just one week to go! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. But keeping my positive attitude going, and I'm going to be working hard during the coming week! :)

Winters have kinda started here, thankfully it gets nice and cool in the evenings. Loving it! Can't wait for a getaway after my thesis though! I was always in love with trench coats, blazers, jackets etc., but never felt like investing money on such pieces because it's Bombay and most of the time it would just stay unused in your wardrobe. I ordered this Boohoo Elsa Crepe Belted Waterfall Duster from the recently launched Flyrobe Website! I have always wanted to wear one, so when I saw this on Flyrobe, it made perfect sense to rent it out instead of purchasing it! You can either style it with a dress inside and the trench as an over coat or in the sleek way I have worn it here just as a dress. I love the fall in the front and the midi length. Such a classy and elegant piece, which definitely makes a statement on its own.

I've accessorised this look with a sleek gold cuff and I have worn a pair of olive pumps, which brings the whole outfit together seamlessly!

I love that Flyrobe has gorgeous winter wear on their website too! Since I can get this coat delivered to my doorstep, freshly laundered and good to go within 3 hours, I'm happy!

You can download the app here.

Photos by Mohit Varu


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