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Lee story - 24 hours in MUMBAI with The Dapper Label!

Winter loving! Loving the weather and everything about this festive season in Bombay. But it just got better after exploring Bombay at it's best during this point of time with The Dapper Label. This story is all about our collaboration with Lee Jeans - 24 Hours In Mumbai. Being in Mumbai we both are familiar with places in and around the city, but it was so different this time to look at the city with two different perspectives.

Usaamah and I have been friends for a while now, and I enjoy his company ( at least here I have to be nice to him ) Ha-ha! Jokes apart, we literally wanted this story to come out really well! Because it's all about the feel of place and the comfort you find in what you wear while spending an entire day in your city doing fun things. We wanted to highlight the best locations in Mumbai to share this Lee story with you all. The photography was equally important to portrait the right feel and importance of the location and the outfit and we're so thankful to Mohit for making this story look great!

Rise With Your City:

Where: Gateway of India

Time: 6:55am

It was a Sunday, and we decided to watch the sunrise together. The Gateway of India was our first stop of the day! It is a monument and is the city's top tourist attraction. I have been there before but never seen the sunrise from there, just heard of it and so wanted to see one. We reached there by 6:35am; it was still dark and so cold in Mumbai. I was wearing my Lee Jeans, sneakers and some layering. Usaam and I were chilling along The Gateway of India, waiting for the sunrise and making the most of this lovely weather (which is so rare in Bombay). It was calm, magical and scenic.

The golden light of the morning sun at The Gateway of India over looking the Arabian Sea was literally one the best Sunrises I have ever seen in Bombay.


Ride Your City:

Where : Marine Drive

Time : 8:50 am

After watching the sunrise, we headed for breakfast. Usaam had hoverboards with him and I always wanted to ride one.

Since we were in town, we decided to go to Marine Drive, the iconic road in Bombay, which is a place for morning walks, cycling, and driving along the promenade that overlooks the beautiful Mumbai Skyline.

It's such a trend now days to drift on a hover board, the coolest way to ride your city! It looks quite easy to do but trust me when I was on it for the first time; I was literally just rotating in a funny way. Haha! It was hilarious and scary. But eventually I got the hang of it and balanced my self! It's so addictive and doing it at Marine Drive was extremely fun. We got our Lee zippers on and I learnt some drifting there with Usaamah. Hell yea!


Explore Secret Places:

Where : Below Bandra Worli Sea Link

Time : 4:30pm

Post lunch we decided to explore some more places in our own city, somewhere we either haven’t been or seen the city from. I'm so sure if you are from Mumbai, how can you not miss passing the Sea Link! This superstructure with cable connections has become the identity of Mumbai. I see the Sea Link almost everyday on my way to college and it's so attractive and beautiful!

But, this time Usaamah and I decided to see it from the ground level. Hell yea, we reached Bandra Fort, and wanted to get down there under the bridge, trust me it's not easy to get there. But aren't secret places supposed to be adventurous and not easy? My acid wash Lee denims definitely helped me survive the adventure. And we did it, reached below the Sea Link, a complete different perspective to view the city! The faded Sea Link cables, Mumbai Sky line, the panorama of the bridge, the rocks and the feel! It was magnificent!


Strech Your Nights:

Where: Kala Ghoda, Fort

Time: 9:25pm

After fruitful, fun and adventurous day, we headed for dinner in the city that never sleeps! Kala Ghoda, Fort has some of best food outlets with good food and music! That's what we wanted to end our day with. The streets of Fort at night make me love my city even more! Its history, its architecture ... I love to bask in it. It's the heart of the financial area of the city and a happening place to chill with your friends or just extend your nights on the streets!

We were making the most of this beautiful street in Fort, walking, running and ending our day in Lee Jeans! From comfort to glamour, an entire day in Lee was indeed one of the best memories of my city! Hope you enjoyed our story with Lee as much as we did :)

Photos by MOHIT VARU

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