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Daring, bold & elegant with ESTÉE LAUDER!

Time is literally flying, and within no time January is going to be over! Here I am with my first beauty post of 2016! Talking about what's going to be trending this year, I created two completely different looks with Estée Lauder!

In the first one, which we like to call the "Daring Look", the base and eyes are subtle and nude. This year things are going to another level all together, it's more editorial and out of the box, hence the bold lip gets bolder this year. I tried colour block lips with the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks.

Estée Lauder lipsticks are some of my favourites and I can't get enough of them!

I personally like red and pink combination and also pink and orange, but here I went a red and pink lip which gives an ombre effect all together!

The shades I used to create this look are so strong and matte. The classic red in the shade 340 - ENVIOUS and the neon hot pink in the shade 210 - NEON AZALEA.

A tip - Always remember to keep your eye makeup minimal whenever you are opting for a bold lip colour so that it doesn't take the attention away from your lips keeping your lips in focus :)

For my second look, which we call the "Bold and Elegant Look", I went for a sleek look with some smokey eyes. The Estée Lauder Magic Smoky (Powder Shadow Stick) is crazy! I bought them in two colours, one is the 08 CHARRED PLUM which is a subtle purple and the other 06 SCORCHED GOLD which gives a shimmery gold touch to the eyes. I blended both together to keep it subtle and giving some depth by using the gold on/in the inner corner of my eyes and the purple spreads on the outer side. Love how it's so different than the usual smoky eyes; this is more soft and subtle. I also used the plum shadow to define my eyebrows, why not try a colour on your brows this year? Hell yea! Can't wait to get my hands on all the Estée Lauder Shadow sticks, the application is so easy and the effect is amazing!

For my lips here, I opted for a pale pink shade. I actually used two different lipsticks to give a more fuller looking lips. I filled my lips with the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy 310 POTENT lipstick and used Pure Color Envy 310 FIERCE BEAUTY as the liner. I loved how this look turned out to be. Totally fierce yet subtle at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this story with Estée Lauder! Stay tuned; I'll be giving you lots of beauty tips and tricks this year too!


Location courtesy - GRANDMAMA'S CAFE, MUMBAI


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