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Travel in style with SAMSONITE!

Good morning stunners! What's happening? Have you planned your travel for the year? I am still planning mine, I love travelling! Well who doesn't? Haha.

I have started travelling for work as well, which is usually short 1 - 2 day trips. Even though it's short, I can never pack less. I'm sure all of us girls face this problem :( Also the size of your bag does matter.

Something which is easy to manoeuvre, comfortable, and of course, that looks good! After all Travel in style! ;)

I have been a fan of Samsonite bags for the quality they offer. But, it just got better with their new line by Keith Haring for Samsonite.

Isn't this bag so cute & adorable? I like!

This is the size I was looking for as well, perfect for a short travel (and so easy to spot in the baggage claim!)

This line is a very fun, peppy, colourful one, (quite contrasting to the usual Samsonite stuff) and that is what I love! Apart from the look I even like the quality, plus it's so light yet so strong. I had recently gone to Goa and enjoyed using this bag there! Also, sometimes I finish off shooting for 5 to 6 looks in a day and it becomes so convenient for me to arrange my outfits in this suitcase and carry to my locations, for my shoots. The wheels work so well and I literally don't have to put any efforts to take it along with me.

Let's talk about my travel look now, I went for something casual yet smart and a little bit of layering, I love doing that as it just adds up to the look. I'm wearing a mustard turtleneck tee with a pair of boyfriend jeans and I threw on my Missamore floral cape along with a hat! All set to take off! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this story xx


Location Courtesy - GRANDMAMA'S CAFE


Top - ZARA

Bottoms - SPYKAR


Shoes - F21

Hat - F21


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