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Last weekend at Nariyal Paani!

What's cooking? How are you? Working on a Saturday or chilling with some friends?

Well, I'm at home writing some stories and thinking about the great weekend I had at Nariyal Paani just last week.

How I wish every weekend was like it, chill, good music and also some effortless fashion! This event took place at Alibaug, and I was accompanied by my bestest friend, Vikas! Haha.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and we had to catch a ferry from The Gateway Of India to reach Alibaug. I'm never visiting The Gateway on a Sunday ever again. It was so bad; we literally had to stand in a never-ending queue. Sigh.

But somehow I managed to do that along with my Tibbs frankie, enjoying it throughout the line! Haha.

Vikas and I boarded the ferry, went on top and chilled. There was no rush, we were listening to some good music, enjoying the view and talking about the seagulls that followed us throughout the one hour ferry ride!

We had other friends already waiting for us and once we reached the jetty, we took an auto ride to reach there.

It was a 20-minute ride and I was just enjoying the getaway with my favourite company!

We got our entry bands, went inside and DUDE… everything was so pretty! The venue, the way they set up little things in and around and the vibe! The crowd was so good, all hippie and wanderer kinda vibes. The music was definitely the main attraction. I loved the line up. I literally spent an afternoon besides the beach, with good music, good food and great company ofcourse.

I unfortunately couldn't stay for the night, and we were told that after 7pm getting a ferry is going to be difficult, so we headed to the jetty around 5ish. And guess what, the line for the ferry was incredibly long... I was like we are never reaching home. But thankfully one of our mutual friends was already standing in the line and he managed to take us in! How cool! :D and we were also able to capture the sunset on our way back to Bombay! So so pretty!

Yes, I did snap from the event but due to network issues, I lost my snaps, they just disappeared:(

It's okay, things happen! Also, if you haven't added me on snapchat yet, you can add me there and follow my day along!

Snapchat username - santushi

Location - ALIBAUG

Outfit details:

Top - Koovs

Skirt - Bandra Hill Road

Shoes - Forever 21

Denim Jacket - MAX

Bag - Forever 21

Sunglasses - Splash


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