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A day in SCENTRA

Hello my lovers!! How are you all? January was so chill and suddenly February was so snappy! I literally don't understand how it's almost over. Nevertheless a lot has been happening, running around, traveling, new projects, meetings etc. etc.

And here I am talking about my favourite shoe of the month!

I ordered for a pair of Scentra shoes during the first week of Feb... And I have been using it since then. It's as good as my everyday shoe, that's how much I wear it! Thought of doing a review where I could tell you all the reason why I love them so much! Firstly, this is the first time I ever came across a pair of scented shoes, absolutely love the strawberry scented insole! Isn't that so cool? A shoe with fragrance!! Woohoo! I'm in love! I have been wearing them almost throughout the month now and people still notice its fragrance. Love love! Totally crushing over them.

The other main reason is the comfort that it offers. They are so easy to wear and so delightful that you literally want to be in them the whole day. So breathable!

It bridges the gap between a lifestyle & performance shoe and I definitely think it's so trendy. I love how it looks, casual yet so smart. I have spent a whole day in them, starting from my morning fitness routine, then a meeting with a client and then a chill evening scene with my friends. One shoe, 3 different occasions! Literally. Sometimes I even carry them in my bag, when I have to wear heels for an event and then I need a quick change to get back to my flats, Scentra shoe to the rescue.

I have been traveling in them recently, well you can see them on my Instagram feed and I think it's so good for travelling. I love the eco friendly fabric plus it is so light and portable for a backpack as well.

See how I spend my day in Scentra & also how I incorporate them with different looks, it definitely makes an outfit look sporty yet smart at the same time.

Location Courtesy - KICK FOR ALL


You can check out their collection here at They have some crazy colours and styles. The one I have is a striped Scentra in pink, grey & white! I'm going to get another one soon. Haha! :D

Till then enjoy this post and have an amazing weekend you all Xx


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