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Fresh Aqua

Hey stunners! How are you all? In between the fashion week, I decided to put up this post, as it’s something that I recently got my hands on & I’m loving it!

You guys must already be aware of the shoot three of my blogger friends & the Nykaa team in Alibaug. The video is out, and you can check it out here :)

Their concept was to have us 4 bloggers represent one fragrance each which totally went with our respective personalities, for their #NykaaBathAndBody products. The 4 fragrances of this newly launched range are Tropical Jasmine, Country Rose, French Lavender and Fresh Aqua. This range offers you a Shower gel, a body lotion and a body mist in each fragrance. As you guys know I’m not really a floral kind of a girl, my personality is more sporty and fresh. So the fragrance “Fresh Aqua’ was the one for me. No doubts there!!

So now that I finally got my hands on this newly launched #NykaaBathAndBody range of products, I thought of sharing my review on the Fresh Aqua products with you guys.

The turquoise color itself is so fresh and has a cooling effect on your mind. The fragrance puts you in a beach vacation mood.

The shower gel gives your body a cooling effect. Don’t we all need this feel especially during the Indian summers?!

And the body lotion comes with a pump nozzle, which makes it so easy to use. This product gives you the necessary moisture but also doesn’t leave your skin greasy.

The body mist (don’t we all prefer body mists over perfume these days?) is my favorite product in this range. A couple of sprays and you feel so fresh! The fragrance isn’t too feminine and keeps you cool and fresh; I’m totally in love with this one!

Who doesn’t crave a relaxed day at the beach? Take a breather between the madness of your packed schedule, smell the cool blue ocean. Yes, please! So girls, what are you waiting for?! Head out to embrace those turquoise waters. For women who’d rather be mermaids!! ;)

You can shop this bath & body range at

Photos by Mrinmai Parab

Location Courtesy - LIGHT HOUSE CAFE, WORLI


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