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Denimize the world with ONLY!

Summers! They seem like they are here to stay! Well, it's Bombay and we are quite used to it. We still have another month or two before the onset of monsoon. The heat, the humidity, makes you want to stick to cotton light fabrics!! But hell no! I always have been a denim girl and I love to experiment and break the rules.

I am so glad that denims are back! A piece of denim clothing helps you make a statement with such ease. ONLY is helping us ‘Denimize the World’ like never before by bringing together a range of trendy denim clothing with a variety of options even for the summers!! Ripped jeans, classic denim shirts, funky knickers, cropped denim shirts and many more.

For this look, I opted for these chic dungarees! They are so old school and comfy. Well not forgetting the weather, I paired up these ONLY dungarees with a bralette to make it apt for summers. The dungarees are in a deep shade of blue and so I went for a contrasting maroon bralette.

The dungarees are casual but pair them with a bralette and the ensemble looks so bold and edgy! The attire is easy, comfortable and complete by itself; hence there is not much need to accessorise it. All I went for was a smart watch and wore a pair of deep maroon coloured brogues, which went well with the bralette.

Be it a day out with friends or a weekend getaway, this look is definitely going to give you the comfort you need, and still make you look bold and stunning! Put on a pair of shades and you are ready to denimize the world!

Hope you guys like it. Enjoy the pictures xX

Photos by MOHIT VARU



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