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I always want more SWATCH!

I was recently invited to attend the unveiling of Swatch’s Spring Summer ’16 collection - ‘I always want more’ and I’d say the name is totally justified! More colour, more freshness, more materials, more finishes; the collection offers you all of it and still keeps you wanting more! The collection is so fresh and interesting; I haven't seen a collection as fun and colorful anywhere else. The options that this collection offers you are vast! To name a few, it offers you variety like- Beach swing, Africana, Power tracking, Metallix, Es war einmal and Floralia.

The ‘I want more- Beach swing’ offers you a variety of styles in fresh and vibrant colours and plastic/silicon materials apt for a beach day or maybe just puts you in a beachy mood on a usual day!!

The ‘I want more- Africana’ depicts facets of African tribes and has a lot of African inspired graphics which I felt were really cool!!

The ‘I want more- Power Tracking’ makes you turn on the power of play.

The ‘I want more- Metallix’ is perfect for metal lovers and is my favorite in the SS ’16 collection! This collection doesn’t just offer you typical watches in metal but also silicon or plastic materials with metallic finishes; making them really light. I am in love with this Goldenall one!!

Based on magical stories, the ‘I want more- Es war einmal’ takes you back to your childhood with graphics depicting Batman, Draculas and so on! So Surreal!

The ‘I want more- Floralia’ offers you a variety in floral prints and as the name suggests has a feminine touch.

This collection is definitely the one for those who always want more! Well #Ialwayswantmore Don’t you?!!

Photos by Riya Raut

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