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All about my SAMSUNG Gear S2!

Hi you all, what's happening? You'll already know how much I'm in love with my Samsung Gear S2. How it's more than just a smart watch, how it adds an edge to my daily outfits and the best part are the features! It has way too many features and cool apps. Now that it's been a while since I’ve been using this device, I'm discovering more amazing features everyday!! Thought of sharing these with you guys in today’s post.

So, this wearable counts the steps I take daily. How cool is that?! It also helps me keep a track of my water intake! Well, this one is particularly useful as I often forget about having water in between my tight schedule, and my Gear S2 makes sure I am aware of this!

Counting calories! This one I must say is the most important feature for us these days. Everyone tries to stay fit and healthy now-a -days (which is quite amazing), but the Samsung Gear S2 makes it sooo much easier! It not just keeps track of the calories I consume, but even those that I burn during my workout!! What’s more, it even counts your steps as you walk around office or at home doing your chores and even reminds you to get active if you’ve been sitting in one place for more than an hour.

With this, we obviously can't forget our workout regime... only dieting has never helped anyone, right?! Well, while working out, the most necessary thing is music! This gear takes care of that, too! No more do you have to keep going back to your phone while working out to select or change a track! Controlling your music and playing your favourite tracks through your Gear S2 is easy peasy!

Well I recently starting driving, and I'm totally enjoying it! But to add to it, my gear makes it easy to attend calls on the go! No need of that car phone anymore!! Now I know precisely who’s calling me and when it’s important I can stop the car and take that call instead of having to peak at my phone all the time while driving as I now get all notifications on my wrist.

Also, the Gear S2 gives me a feel of wearing a new watch every day! You can customize your dial according to every mood or outfit or occasion!

Well these are my favourites! What about you guys? Do let me know!



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