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Hi guys! Have you'll been enjoying my recent posts? I've been really busy shooting and creating content and new stories for you guys. Doing what I do means having no fixed schedule. Not having a conventional job means you always have to be on the go! Running errands, attending events, socialising and the list keeps going on! Well, as you all know I have always been a denim girl and there is a good reason for that! Be it a denim dress, jacket or bottoms, this fabric just adds that casual yet classic factor to your look. But among these, a pair of denims recently caught my attention; the 'Dynamic stretch' collection from Tommy Hilfiger Denim is my current best friend. These denims are so comfortable and versatile. The best part about this collection is that they offer a skinny silhouette in low, mid, high and ultra-high-rise options in a variety of washes and rinses. Their palette features denims in light, medium and dark shades. So you have options for every mood and event!

I am the kind of person who can wear a pair of denims all day long! Like I said, I dont have a fixed schedule, so I try squeezing in all my personal tasks between my work and errands. Be it writing my blog, grabbing a quick bite, unwinding with a good book, travelling, partying or for that matter even a quick session of yoga! The problem we usually face with our denims is that we get really comfortable and want to wear them all day long, but by the end of the day they lose the desirable fit. This is why I am totally in love with the Dynamic Stretch denims; they retain their fit along with being super stretchable which makes them a dream to wear!! It is probably the innovative fabric which has an 80 percent stretch factor and a high-recovery finish, ensuring it retains its second-skin fit without losing elasticity – even after prolonged wears.


Location Courtesy - Le Pain Quotidien, Powai


Riaan from Urban Eye and I collaborated for the first time and we thought of giving each other a glimpse from our different lifestyles. His take on menswear & luxury is brilliant, I absolutely love his content plus he's so much fun to be around with! We caught up for a relaxed summer morning by the pool and then Riaan took me for a quick spin around the city. We ended our day by attending a sundowner party at Masala bar! I even managed to squeeze in a quick session of yoga and coffee.

And yes, we did all of this in our Tommy Hilfiger Denim - Dynamic Stretch, super comfortable pair of denims! We understood how these denims are so versatile and fun to experiment with. A thumbs up from both of us. Enjoy the post xx

Location Courtesy - Z Luxury Residencies, Juhu



Photos by Mohit Varu


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