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Blooming tales ft. ONLY

Hey loves, how’s Mumbai summer treating you all? It’s been really humid right? As you all know I recently got back from my trip to Thailand and still have so many travel stories pending to be put up here on the blog but I promise I shall be posting my South Africa and Thailand travel stories in the coming week. I have so much to share with you guys, about my experiences but meanwhile thought of sharing an outfit I wore on the beach at Koh Larn Island in Pattaya, Thailand.

Koh Larn was beautiful; Samae beach is where we shot this look.

I created a look, which stands out to be bold yet does complete justice to the location. Yes, here I’m talking about this lovely beach & the beautiful skies! While I travel, I love creating looks according to the places I visit. The vibe, the aesthetic & the feel of the place is definitely something I always look up to. I put together a beach look with ONLY's collection whose theme revolves around the love for colours, sunshine and floral trends, which are minimal yet perfect for this season. This Blooming Tale is a trend that will help make your life colourful in a bold and edgy manner.

Like you all know I love denims and layering way too much, so I decided to go with light layering with denim for this beachy summer look as well. The denim bustier and skirt are bold and edgy while the floral shirt is on the feminine side and in a light fabric. This works perfect as a beach cover up. It’s so versatile, and would go so well just over a bikini too!

I don't usually go for floral prints as I feel it's too feminine for my style but what I really love about the shirt is that it isn't too feminine, the print isn't just floral but is tropical and the colours are so subtle yet attractive.

The ensemble is perfect for a beach day this summer as it's so effortlessly chic. :)

Tell me what do you guys think about this summer holiday look. Enjoy the pictures. xx


Bustier - ONLY

Skirt - ONLY

Shirt - ONLY

Photos by Vikas Lokhande


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