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How's Sunday treating everyone? I love it because the weather's so good today! Oh yes, it rained in Bombay!

Anyways let's talk about this post now. You must have noticed that in between my travelling days and busy schedule, I met this beautiful human Chase!

Chase happened to be in Bombay around the time when I was in between two trips and we somehow managed to collaborate & make the most of it!

This fashionable funny person is from Toronto for those who are still wondering where he is from. It was surprising for me how Chase & I have more than a few things in common. We both are fashion enthusiasts and both love dancing. We were like "Did you just say that you like dancing?" Ha-ha! Chase is a choreographer and is pursuing a career in dancing. Moreover he loves Bharatnatyam and not many of you guys know this, but I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer myself and have practiced it for about 10 years. So we came up with a fun collaboration for you guys considering all these factors! We tried to bring the essence of our hobbies & passions through this post.

We created two completely different looks; one with a touch of Classical India and the other street style, keeping Androgynous as the theme for that. The best part is that we both love experimenting with looks; hence we had so much fun creating looks for each other here!

As for the locations, we wanted to capture the essence of the city, as Chase isn't from Bombay. So we thought what other than the beautiful beaches of our coastal city and not forgetting the chaotic yet aesthetic lanes of the suburbs.

The first look revolves around us expressing our love for Bharatnatyam, Indian Culture and Colours but with an edgy touch. We wore these dhotis in vibrant colours over basics, kind of coordinated the stripes & the denims in both of our looks. Dance is drama, and to capture that we have also used colourful flowy fabrics to depict movement & grace through this editorial.

We shot this look at the Silver Beach in the morning and had a fun time there! This one has been one of my favourite photo shoots! The postures, the feel & the whole idea of this post was indeed an amazing feeling. Love how everything was put together and the pictures of this editorial turned out so beautifully.


For the second look we thought of styling ourselves in an androgynous way. Here I am wearing a long black longline t-shirt over black pants whereas Chase is sporting a longline vest over culottes. He actually picked this one from F21 's women's collection and he has definitely managed to pull it off! Love his attitude & vibe! The T-shirt that I'm wearing is stolen from Chase's wardrobe! To show the androgynous theme, we played with this black trench & kept it common as an element, which worked for both of us.

We shot this one on Chapel road Bandra trying to keep the street style vibe alive.

I had such a wonderful time shooting for this post! Chase, I love you babe! And....guys!!! If you haven't seen his blog yet, you should do that right away, it's all about Chasing Life! Haha. We hope you all had fun reading this one. Enjoy the pictures. Xx


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