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Ultra Blends by GARNIER

How have you guys been doing? In between all the travelling that I’ve been doing lately, I attended the Launch of Garnier's new range of Ultra Blend shampoos & conditioners a couple of weeks back. You must have seen it over my social media. I instantly thought of reviewing these products but was waiting to try most of them so I could share it with you guys.

Garnier Ultra Blends combine the best of nature to give us 5 signature blends. Each blend has its special ingredients with indulgent textures and divine fragrances, which are the main heroes, and are 'Blended with Love' to give you naturally beautiful hair. The ingredients are particularly handpicked for their restorative virtues making the product even more beautiful!

The event was surely an interesting one because of the way these products were introduced. The products were displayed with the core ingredients placed around them giving us a visual of what each of the blends consisted! The packing of the products is so beautiful and colorful making it even more attractive. The Henna & Blackberry for dull dry and lifeless hair was no doubt the product that immediately caught everyone’s eye because of its beautiful colored packaging. But I was very eager to try the Soy Milk & Almonds for Damaged Hair as that is what my hair needed after all the damage that has been done to it. And I must say I was quite impressed. Almonds being Rich in vitamin E, provide long-lasting deep nourishment to hair.

The Royal Jelly & Lavender for Breaking Hair was another blend that instantly caught my attention because of the lovely ingredients. This blend is a perfect cure for the brittle hair that tends to break. The Mythic Olive for dry & under nourished hair and the 5 Precious Herbs for healthy hair everyday are two products I haven’t tried out yet. The next blend I’m really keen on using is the 5 Precious Herbs as its ingredients range from Eucalyptus having healing properties to Aloe providing moisture; the other ingredients being Green tea, Lemon, and Henna giving your hair its daily dose of nutrition.

As for the packaging, apart from being beautiful and attractive, the product size is also quite handy making it perfect while travelling! Also, these products are at quite a reasonable range. Have you guys have tried any of these? Do share with me your views about the same. Till then, enjoy the pictures XX






Photos by- Harshad Sutar.


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