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Bare Skin •

Who says you are not beautiful? Who says you are beautiful? The subject is YOU! Ask both the questions to yourself! If you agree to the first one, you need to change your thinking, if you agree to the second one YOU ARE AWESOME! I always believe in the vibration, the way you feel about yourself is exactly what you vibrate out to the Universe & that is what is reflected in the surrounding! Honestly when you aren't confident about a certain aspect of your personality, you end up giving more energy to that particular thought in a way that it's seen and noticed by others. The way you want others to see you totally depends on how you see yourself! You are what you are, and you are beautiful in & out! Love your skin & feel confident! If you think there's something that makes you feel confident, go for it. Work for the change, getting better is definitely a YES! But also don't forget that what you are is definitely the BEST anyway. What I mean by this is, however you are now, in the present moment is the best version of you! So Better Your Best! Love yourself Xx

Photos by Mrinmai Parab

Shot this editorial at Courtyard by Marriott Pune, Chakan.

This is all about 'The Lazy Mood' - We have some days where we absolutely don't feel like doing anything, all we want is a cozy bed. Just lie down the whole day with no makeup, messy hair & some food ofcourse! :')

Outfit details -

Top - Stalk Buy Love Dungaree - Sarojini Nagar

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