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The Black and Gold Series

Since a very long time, I have been wanting to work on an editorial, where I could create some out-of-the-box content and experiment without any boundaries. And yes, I recently got a chance to do so. HP launched the world’s thinnest laptop - the all new Premium HP Spectre and I created 4 looks inspired by this #BlackAndGold masterpiece. This story is about #ReinventingObsession with the bold use of metallic gold while keeping in mind the Dynamic, Enchanting, Sophisticated and Powerful looks of the HP Spectre. When Fashion meets Technology...


[Chapter 1]

The Nebu Queen is a reigning queen with her dynamic and royal aura.

Outfit - Deme


[Chapter 2]

Dark Side Of The Princess depicts the dark and enchanting alter ego of a timid princess.

Outfit - Deme


[Chapter 3]

The Mythical Cat is a sophisticated lady with her mysterious whereabouts and surreal charm.

Outfit - Huemn


[Chapter 4]

The New Age Warrior symbolizes every woman of this century who is powerful, bold while fighting with and against the world at the same time.

Outfit - Huemn


Hair & Makeup by - Mausam Gandhi Styling & Concept - Santoshi Shetty & Riya Raut Photos by- Mrinmai Parab Location Courtesy - Renaissance, Mumbai

#HP #Deme #Huemn

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