Hey you all, how are you? You know how I feel right now? "So much to do; so little time"

Yes, I have so many things lined up & I'm the kind of a person who wants do all of it! It's been just 2 months since my South Africa trip, but so much has happened meanwhile that it feels so long ago! Nevertheless I'm here with another travel story, my travel trip to South Africa! Woho!

Honestly speaking, I was not really excited as before that I went for my Contiki trip and by the time I was back... I was already overwhelmed with my Contiki experience & the whole packing unpacking took away my energy to look forward for this trip. This one was with my family. We take a trip every year, do you remember my Greece trip from last year, I do have my travel stories about it on the blog! You can check it out if you wish to :) Here's the link - Greece Travel Stories

To be frank, I had no idea what South Africa would be like, no expectations at all! But yea, I had my cousins and my family so all I knew was it's going to be fun and chill! Starting our Day1 - we reached Johannesburg! Our stay was arranged at Holiday Inn, Rosebank. I have some of my Contiki friends living in that city, but unfortunately I couldn't meet them, because I was there just for a day. This place is so beautiful; we headed for a city tour, to experience the beautiful place! For my outfits I had carried some sweater dresses, more of full-sleeves, and some layering as I knew the weather was more on the cooler side. The weather in Johannesburg was brilliant, it was so pleasant. I decided to wear one of my sweater dresses as a top along with shorts and my boots. Comfy and chill! I like casual dressing, that's so me! We went on Red Bus City Tour! That was fun!!! I loved sitting on the top, enjoying the weather plus the architecture of the city! Too gooood! The history, the Mahatma Gandhi square, the buildings.., everything was an eye opener for me, that's because I really did not expect all of this! The vegetation in South Africa is gorgeous! So many different kinds of trees & plants even across the streets! I fell in love with South Africa on our very first day! After the city tour, we chilled at the hotel and in the evening, we headed for dinner nearby, as where we stayed had a lot of eateries in and around! I love travelling because you can dress up according to the weather as Bombay is just not the place to wear thigh high boots, jackets and all of that cool winter stuff! I could completely rock these in South Africa, because the weather allowed me to do the same, plus it's normal to be wearing something like that there. I believe in dressing appropriately. So I just turned my sweater top into a dress with my thigh high boots from Koovs and some bold lips for the evening! We had fun! And of course when you are with your cousins, the company is so much fun!! Our first day was a relaxed fun day; here are the pictures from Johannesburg!

Outfit Details:

Top - Forever21

Shorts - Aeropostale

Boots - Forever21

Bag - H&M

Outfit Details:

Dress - Forever21

Boots - Koovs

The next day we had to travel to Kruger! All of us were pretty excited for that, as that was the place for Wild Life Safari & when you think about South Africa all you think about is this! I had to experience this. It was a 6 hours journey, and we booked a van for the same, just our family. This literally reminded me of Scooby Dooby Do! Haha you know why right? The journey wasn't tiring, the nature looked magical, we had a service stop & we were dying to get some Wi-Fi! Haha! This generation I tell you. Like I said, I didn't really expect things, and then when we reached Kruger! Boom! The resort... OMG! So surreal! We spotted giraffes on our way while entering the resort! This was definitely exciting! And being an animal lover, I just couldn't wait any longer. We stayed at the Karongwe River Lounge which was extremely beautiful. We were welcomed in a way that we were actually looking forward to all the activities there! The resort was so nicely done; right from the landscape spaces to the rooms everything was atheistically pleasing. Traditional architecture, wooden houses, natural landscaping...somewhere in middle of the jungle. A perfect holiday home I would say. Sanskruti, Tanvi and I shared rooms throughout the trip. We got the biggest room there! Haha! So we definitely turned it into a party place. Every house there had a deck and everything was spacious. There were two swimming pools; our dinner place was on a deck again, which was so beautiful, surrounded with natural vegetation & amazing climate of course! It was fun to dress up there, as in the mornings and evenings it would be extremely cold and in the afternoon it felt like summers! Isn't that perfect? We would get Wi-Fi only at the dining area, so we literally spent a lot of time there haha! Which was so beautiful, more of a gathering space. We kinda had a routine there, evening we'd go for wild life safari...after high tea, then back to the hotel, then barbeque dinner at night. Early in the morning again we used go for the safari, come back and do breakfast, then lunch, and then tea and again the safari! Like so cool! Let me tell you this, the people over there are just so sweet! Always smiling and so warm all the time! It feels so amazing to interact and listen to them, because they do spread love! And that's the energy we all look for right? Talk about the safari, omg! It was so good. The first time we went for the safari, I sported an Olive Sweater Top, along with pants and sneaker & went for Boxer Braids. Such a safari look though! The whole safari experience was magical, if given a chance to do it again, I wouldn't give a second thought. If you are visiting South Africa, then you HAVE TO do this! It's beautiful! Right from the king of the jungle to cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, rhinos and so on, we literally spotted numerous gorgeous wildlife species! I'm in love. How I wish I could chill with them! Haha. Like literally while looking at them in front of me, all I wanted to be was either the Tarzan or the Mogli. ;)

Day 2 & 3 -

Outfit details:

Top - Forever21

Pants - Arabellaa

Shoes - Adidas Originals