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Bali - VeetGirlsOnTheGo!

Hello there, how’s the day treating you today?I wake up every day looking forward to the day because there's so much to do. I also realised how each day is completely different depending on what mood you are in. For example, few weeks back I was partying at the Adidas Originals event & I was so happy to be featured amongst some amazing artists on the In My Icons wall! That was definitely a big deal for me plus Adidas Originals being one of my favourite brands.

It's kinda awesome! The next day I woke with the news, which still hurts, I lost one of my pets & yes I was very close to him. That day was just so gloomy plus one of my cousins; I am really close to went for his further studies to the US. So the whole day was so emotional, with mixed feelings. I just didn't feel like doing anything, and I was just reminising the memories with my loved ones. Yes I love attachment but attachment is something that hurts the most. It's like you are putting your self in a comfortable situation and once that's there you just can't do without it. I have so much to share with you all, I like talking about my experiences and life. Fashion is definitely my thing, but that's a path, which is making me learn so much about life! I'm so happy to be living the present to the fullest! Also travelling has helped me so much & I all I wanna do is travel travel travel! Oh yes, I have been travelling lately & I have also learnt so much about life, it's purpose & people around.

Talking about my recent travel in this post, well yes it's all about Bali! This one was with Veet, for those know don't know what Veet is all about, here you go. So Veet as a brand is known for their hair removal products for women which are an alternative for the otherwise painful and time consuming waxing products. The concept of this campaign was 'Girls on the go' as Veet, as a brand relates to this very well, saying you can use their products on the go! ;)

Having said that, Veet ran a really cool contest for all the gorgeous girls in town.

This campaign witnessed a huge participation with over 25k girls participating from India alone. Picking out the winners must have literally been a task here! But such kinds of campaigns are definitely an exposure to many and more than that there were 8 gangs of girls who won an all expense paid trip to Bali. How cool is that! I accompanied the winners of the campaign on this trip, and trust me it was lovely meeting each one of them. The winners were not just Indian, but also a group of girls from Japan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka! Indeed an amazing mix of culture & diversity. It's always good to meet new people and connect. This campaign was definitely a hit!

To start with, it was a three-day trip for all of us. I have visited Bali before, but this one was totally different from last time! And yes, we were all the fun we had here is another level altogether! #GirlBoss yea! I was so excited for this travel, though for me it was a last minute plan but some how my excitement for this one was still at its peak! The first day when we reached Bali, the welcoming at the airport itself was a surprise for us! Inspite of our long travel day we were just so excited & looked forward to the day! I definitely got along so well with my Bombay winners, such sweethearts & I was pretty excited to meet the rest! Starting from the meet & greet at the airport with Garlanding, the Veet team arranged a VW Safari for our travel to the hotel!

Oh that was indeed beautiful, Bali is so pretty & so chill I must say! The vibe over there is positive & relaxed. I already got the feel of how my next three days over there was going to be like.

Once we reached the hotel, we had our lunch at the hotel itself & we had some time to relax, and freshen up for the evening dinner party!

Talk about our hotel? Boom! If you have been me following on Snapchat, you must have already seen the hotel property. We were staying at Conrad, Nusa Dua. It was just amazing and vast! We received a goodie bag from Veet with all the beach essentials which I thought was pretty thoughtful and nice. We spent the afternoon exploring and relaxing in and around the hotel property. Later in the evening, we were taken out for a welcome theme dinner at the Bangle restaurant where I got to know everyone who were accompanying me on this trip. Our host, Sunanda did a fab job and made sure everyone interacted and made all of us feel comfortable. Her energy is wonderful! The party was a Masquerade themed party and we definitely danced our way through the night, goes without saying right?! Haha!

Day 2 was supposed to be a typical Bali day, which obviously had to be a beach day! Oh yes, our itinerary told us it was going to be a beach day with water sports and other activities; we were definitely looking forward to it. We visited the Tanjung Beach which was really beautiful and the best part being Veet's lovely setup out there. They had all kinds of refreshments, lovely photo booths, I mean isn't that all a girl wants? Haha! We girls definitely had a great time chilling under the sun, which was followed by lunch at the Whacko restaurant. The whole vibe of the place was so relaxing with seating overlooking the pool and the beach. Being the second day, we girls had already gotten acquainted with each other and we definitely started sharing about our lives and experiences; a lot of girl talk I'd say. Post lunch we headed back to our hotel and had some buffer time before our evening on a cruise. So we went for swim at the hotel pool and spent some time relaxing there. The evening on the cruise was a fun one with cultural performances, games, good food and obviously a hell lot of dancing!

The next morning after breakfast, we girls had a pampering Spa session at the MSPA Banjar Spa. Post the spa we had some free time to ourselves. Everyone was given an option either to go for shopping, or just look around & explore Bali. Oh! I have something to share with you all. A week before I came to Bali, I came across a really inspiring book called Who Says You Can’t? You Do! and I happened to get in contact with its Author, Daniel who was in Bali as well. Daniel was staying at Seminyak which was a little far from where I was staying, but I do believe that things happen for a reason and that one should never say no to opportunities. So I decided to catch up with Daniel over coffee and had a really great time there as I could really relate to all his thoughts and experiences. Also, Seminyak is such a happening place! Love it, Daniel took me around on his scooty, I wish I could stay longer and explore Seminyak, but nevertheless whatever little I experienced there, was fun! I just felt so grateful being there. If you are planning a trip to Bali you should visit Ingka restaurant, this place is super cute & the food! Amaze! And also KuDeTa beach club is love!

Post lunch, I got back to Nusa Dua, went for a walk searching for Starbucks! Haha. Strolling around the streets of Nusa Dua, checking out some local shops & enjoying coffee! I kind of had a very chill ‘Me Time’ explorinf the place. I love doing this. Then back to the hotel, took a dip in the pool, continued reading my book poolside before getting dressed for the Gala dinner, which was the highlight of the whole trip. This Gala dinner was hosted by Veet where we had Shraddha Kapoor, the Veet girl joining us and the girls who won this trip with their gang got a chance to meet her. Veet got all of us together! YES, this was my favorite night from the trip! This was our last night in Bali and trip ended on a good note with all the lovely girls, food and a lot of dancing.

I would really love to thank Veet India for making me a part of this campaign & also giving me a chance to experience Veet Girls On the Go To Bali! It was indeed an amazing experience! Enjoy the pictures xx

#Veet #Bali

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