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Salon Secret by BBLUNT

How have you all been? It has been a busy and stressful week for me but isn’t that a part of life? The last two posts I shared with you guys were my Travel stories which finally went up on the blog! Also, time doesn’t wait for anyone right?! Here I am, yet to finish my Thailand story and a different story is about to begin today. Yes, I’m off to another place today. Stay tuned on my social media to know the details!! I promise I will try my best to keep sharing these stories sooner, meanwhile here’s a Salon Secret for you all.

Everyone loves to experiment these days, not just with clothes or accessories but haircut or hair colour as well. With so many options for clothing and accessories, why should our hair face all the monotony? While we all love trying out new things, it definitely leaves a hole in our pockets! BBLUNT recently launched its Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour which lets you experiment on your own at home without a spending a bomb. This brand also offers us a product range, from shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoo, styling products for men and women, hair extensions and temporary hair colour. I got a chance to try out this product before the launch, and I must say I am pretty impressed. This 3-part hair colour gives you salon like gorgeous hair at home. Most of us desire to colour our hair but are always contemplating thinking of the damage it might do to our hair. But this is the secret of this product as comes with a unique Shine tonic which is an additional element along with the usual colourant and developer tubes. It gives you a shine that is unmatched by any other regular home colour. Also, the no ammonia formula just gives you another reason to trust this product as it means less damage to your mane!

Like you all know, I am always up for experimenting. I had coloured my hair in a reddish brown shade a few months back but wanted a change in my look again. My original hair colour is black and thought of getting a shade close to my original hair colour but with a slight twist. Because like founder Adhuna Bhabani says, the only person you need to look like is you. So I decided to go for the shade Blueberry which is a blue black shade. This colour gives a blackish global colour with a tint of deep blue. It is available in 7 colour shades; Black (Natural Black), Chocolate (Dark Brown), Blueberry (Blue Black), Honey (Light Golden Brown), Wine (Deep Burgundy), Mahogany (Reddish Brown) and Coffee (Natural Brown).

The process is really easy, all you gotta do is follow the given steps and use the given products and the basic apparatus. The box comes with a tube each for developer, colourant and Shine Tonic. It also comes with a pair of disposable gloves and an instructions leaflet. Before you begin with the actual application, it is important that you perform a skin hypersensitivity test 48 hours prior to using the colour.

This is how I used it. Simply mix the luxuriously creamy Colourant and Developer together in equal proportions in a mixing bowl and add the Shine Tonic. Now mix till smooth for a fragrant, non-drip blend. And yes I do mean it when I say fragrant as it has no ammonia which means no headache from the pungent smell! You can either go for global colouring or just touch up your roots. Now just apply the mixture, let it stay for 30 minutes before washing and Voila! You’re only 30 minutes away from epic, shiny hair! This no ammonia hair colour gives 100% grey coverage that lasts upto 8 weeks long.

I’m absolutely delighted by the results of this product! It’s a super easy DIY hair colour that has given me a salon-like colour & shine sitting at home! Scroll down to see the results and how it changed my overall look – subtle, glossy and smooth.

Enriched with Silk Proteins, the colour makes your hair smooth after colouring. The shades Natural Black, Dark Brown and Blue Black is recommended for darkest brown to black hair, Deep Burgundy is recommended for dark brown hair, Natural brown is recommended for dark blonde to brown hair while Reddish Brown and Light Golden Brown is recommended for light brown to dark brown hair. So go ahead and try the one that defines you. Till then, enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think about it.




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