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The Denim and Ikat story ft. VAJOR

Hello there, how have you been? I know I have to upload two of my travel stories yet but have been so busy with work and travelling. Isn't that ironic? Haha! But thanks to the chat feature on my website, I can now connect to you all with much ease. I promise to come online quite often.

Meanwhile, here's another story for you. For those of you who have been reading my blog since a while or following me on my social media, I'm sure you know how obsessed I am with denim; be it pants, dresses, jackets, shirts, absolutely anything! But here is a denim story with a twist. I recently came across the newly launched 'Land of the Blue God' collection of denims by Vajor and am so in love with it. Denim for me is the most comfortable and versatile fabric and it always adds an edge to your look, which is why it works for me so well. The Land Of the Blue God is a collection of denim & essentially blue ensembles that derive their inspiration from Vrindavan, an old city in Northern India settled on the riverbank of Yamuna which lends its colours and essence to this collection. With denim and Ikat fabrics merging together like the river and the ghats, the garments speak an earthy language. To add to it, they have some Ikat bags, fringed sandals, modern bohemian jewelry, smart quirky sunglasses and sneakers as well. I instantly fell in love with the Riverbank Bomber Jacket with its Ikat detailing on the sleeves. Bomber jackets are so in trend currently but not many of us can sport it quite often given the hot weather of Bombay. But this particular jacket, rather the whole collection is made from such sleek and breathable fabrics that you can definitely pick up this jacket without even hesitating. The distressed Country Skinny Jeans with its comfortable waistline gives a relaxed look to the whole outfit. When it comes to footwear, all I have been wearing lately is either boots or sneakers. So I decided to go with the Pureskin White Sneakers with embellishments to add some quirkiness to the look. To complete the look, I carried the Sunset Ikat Bag which went so well with the Ikat detailing of the jacket.

The whole look is so smart and edgy yet comfortable; denim for the win. So this season, step into a world of majorly handmade outfits and charming accessories and let the blue seep into your wardrobes. Enjoy the pictures. XX

Photos by- MRINMAI PARAB Location Courtesy - FENDI CASA, MUMBAI

#Vajor #Denim

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