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Lucky Star ft. ONLY

Hey there! How have you been? I have been working on my Bamboo Forest Safari story and would be putting it up soon. Meanwhile, here is another fashion story for you all.

Sequin party wear clothing has been the trend of yesteryear. But does a particular style ever just vanish? Never. It always changes, adapts and comes in a different form. Casual wear or street style comfort wear has taken over heavy maintenance clothing. But who says we have to get rid of the sequin? Sequin on a casual tee shirt? Hell yeah!! I picked up this casual but blingy tee from ONLY's new collection and decided to create a look with it. The fit of the tee is so relaxed yet feminine with its perfect neckline. I picked up a pair of ripped blue denims again from ONLY, because what goes better with a white tee than these ?! Totally in love with the classic combination and not forgetting the length and the waistline of the denims. To complement the lovely neckline, I decided to go for a layered chokers! To complete my look, I went for a denim jacket and converse shoes. And, of course, my current favourite braids and my hippie sunglasses! Also, do scroll down till the end to find the twist in this story :D

And here is the twist in the story, haha just kidding! But look at my super awesome tee; the sequins create a different pattern when reversed. How cool is that now?! One Tshirt in literally two different ways! There, my STAR just got LUCKY! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. XX



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