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Pin - Stripe It Up!

Hey you all! How is it going? I have been procrastinating a lot of things lately, and I need to get back on track! Sometimes you need that push, you need someone to tell you, "keep going man!" In that case, I'm grateful that I'm surrounded with people who actually motivate me to do things! :') This post is something cool, Usaamah & I thought of doing a series of posts where we focus on the Ongoing Trends. This is the first one & it's all about Pinstripes! Oh yes, pinstripes are definitely one of the fashionable trends in the 2016 fashion spotlight! Usaamah, having his own label - The Dapper Label, has experimented a lot with Pinstripes lately & that's how we got into a conversation on how these trends are spotted internationally & are so versatile & classy at the same time! Talking about our look, I decided to sport these relaxed separates from Tommy Hilfiger Denim. The best part about this trend right now is that it's not restricted to a particular style of clothing, hence I mention the word versatile here. When you think about Pinstripes you would probably think of something formal right? But right now it's all about mixing trends & styles. Creating something different, fun & playful; it's all about thinking out of the box & making a statement. I like how these joggers & pinstripes come together here! It's not just for corporates anymore. On a side note, you must have noticed that I didn't go sporty with this look; I'm sure sneakers would have looked fun but we decided to keep it semi - formal here. For the very same reason I'm sporting these strappy marsala heels with the look. I absolutely love how Usaamah's pulling off his classic navy pinstripe tailored pants, with a white shirt & oh so classy Windowpane Checks trench! The fun fact about the trench is that, it has a hoodie...again, we are trying to put some light on the mix of trends & styles! Love the whole colour palette here! Yes navy, white, grey, marsala! So sophisticated & so fall. We definitely had fun working on this article & can't wait to share some more fun trends with you all. Until then enjoy this one xx

Photos by Mohit Varu

Hair & Makeup - Mausam Gandhi

Location Courtesy - JW Marriott Sahar

--- Good Vibes ---

#Pinstripes #Thedapperlabel #HISANDHERS #TommyHilfiger

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