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Stay Curious with LEE!

There's so much about my city that I love. I could talk about it for hours and it still wouldn't be enough to capture the essence of Mumbai. The chaos, the noise & the liveliness that comes along with Bombay. The diversity here is crazy. Getting lost in the city is not surprising. The streets are filled with people with different stories, dreams and hope for their future.

I decided to explore the streets of Mumbai. Variety of frames, people, transportation, history, shops & myself right in the middle of this busy city. There's always something new I explore about this city... and I'm sure despite having lived here all my life, there's so much more I don't know & I haven't seen. I recently took a friend, Amy who is from Singapore to explore Mumbai. That day out with her was actually so much about getting to know my city better. Sometimes you don't value things that are easily available to you. You always feel like the grass is greener on the other side... but sometimes, you need to sit back and look at the beauty around you. I realised I need to scrutinise & wander in my own city which is so beautiful and fun. There's so much about this place that makes me inquisitive all the time. Being curious to explore my city, I decided to capture some interesting frames & streets of Mumbai with Lee. An urban journey with the humble spirit of re-inventing the world of today in my city wearing the AW' 16 Lee collection. It's all about staying curious, positive & keep exploring. 1. Re-discover your neighbourhood with LEE


2. Re-walk your way with LEE


3. Re-discover your streets with LEE


4. Re- invent your magic with LEE


5. Re-boot your weekend with LEE


--- Good Vibes ---


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