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It's All About The Base ft. MATRIX

Happy Sunday! How are you doing today? Just been busy with a couple of things lately but in-between my tight schedule I always get excited to try out new products! Yay! So here's a hair care review for you guys after quite a long time. We tend to keep trying out new products and remedies every now and then even though we've tried like a zillion. It's not like everyone of the former tried remedies don't work, maybe it's just that we keep thinking, 'What if this new product works even better?' Haha! Any one of you feels the same like me? I'm sure you do!

So yes, I recently came across a new dedicated scalp care range called Scalppure by Biolage advanced- Matrix. The product is meant to work on the base; it basically targets the scalp as an unhealthy scalp is the main reason for most hair related issues. I found the concept quite interesting because its #ItsAllAboutTheBase, hence I decided to give it a try. It's been a while since I revealed this product to you guys but thought of using it for a while before reviewing it. I have always faced scalp issues as I tend to sweat way too much. I mean come on, I live in Bombay! It's like the most humid place on the earth! Haha not literally! This obviously leads to an itchy, and greasy scalp, causing dandruff issues and what not. The product is unique as it’s the first multi corrective solution that tackles 4 scalp concerns, namely: Dandruff, Excess Oil, Itchiness and Odor. And I must say I already feel the difference. All you have to do is the usual shampooing and conditioning with just one extra step, use the Complete Solution Serum for scalp!

It is definitely worth the try! So try it out and let me know if it works for you as well! xx




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