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My Favourite Nudes!

Hey there! How are you all? You guys have been asking me about my nude lipsticks! So here I am talking about my current favourite nude lippies! :D

1. Kat Von D (LOLITA II) + 2. Stila (BELLISSIMA)

This combination has to be my favourite! I wouldn't be surprised if you caught me wearing this often. I adore the Kat Von D Mattes. This shade is one in a million and is claimed to be one with a high matte finish that will glide happily on your lips and stay comfortably in place for long durations. I like playing around and mixing the Stila shade along with this one. A pale shade always works well with a darker tone and it helps the lips look fuller & more attractive.

3. NYX (SMLC04)

This is such a natural and subtle shade for a lip that it can easily become an everyday colour. Being neither a lipstick nor a lip gloss, this one is the perfect lip colour (matte) and also surprisingly moisturising. It's bang on if you are raring to go and have very little time on hand to experiment with two different shades or even for a look which keeps the face fresh and light- almost like you are wearing no makeup! I love how it gives me an incredibly natural look and goes really well with my skin tone.

4. Kat Von D (BOW N ARROW)

Also described as 'fawn nude' the colour is similar to the above NYX lippie. But this one is more matte, thus is overpowering. Evidently it also helps when it comes to powering through for a couple of hours, say you are at a party or an event and want to look your very best glamorous self without bothering about touch ups. Go ahead with this one!


This one is more light on the lips and I simply crave the texture that the MAC Cosmo brings with it. I use this on the day I want to skip a complete matte look. One more plus for girls with dry lips as it's dewy & will keep your regular lip balms at bay!It's like a nice, natural pink-nude shade.

Make up & Hair - Mausam Gandhi

Photos by - Mohit Varu


--- Good Vibes ---

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