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#BeTheParty with ONLY

December is here which means it's time to get your party mode on! No matter how hectic and tiring your routine is, this month inherently comes with a vacation vibe. The city cools down and makes way for a whole new winter collection and mugs full of hot chocolate :) We have an entire month to look back on our yearly achievements and give a thought to the lessons learnt and the memories we made on the way. Christmas is the Friday of the year and New year's eve works like the Saturday night that all of us eagerly look forward to with the prospect of blowing off some steam. And how! I myself have been personally looking forward to this month a lot, not just because it's the coolest (pun intended) month in the year, but also because it's my birthday month! So goes without saying that December is my favourite month of the year. When it comes to partying, dressing up for a particular occasion can be real task. I'm so sure all of you have experienced the heartbreak of looking into a completely filled wardrobe and yet having absolutely nothing to wear. The struggle is real. Period. Wanting to look glamorous, unconventional and yet perfect in our own way and content knowing what suits your body type or your personal style, the pressure can be troubling. No worries, girl. ONLY has got us covered here with their party range with ensembles for every kind of party. My girls and I recently shot for this fun campaign to show you guys. We went quite crazy dressing up, partying and then dancing at the club while shooting and also getting some work done. We all have our individual styles and personalities. ONLY lets us choose from a wide range to suit our very own defined style and to get ready not just to party, but to #BeTheParty. So don't disappoint your inner party animal; get out and dance the night away! I created 3 different party looks. Here's what they look like-

The first look is all glitter and glamour in this black sequin sheath dress. I chose to accessorise it with fish net stockings and Chelsea boots for effortless cool! I am especially fond of Polaroids and decided to involve a few snaps in my shoot to keep it fun and simple. For the second look, I went for a Silver sequin dress along with Marsala boots for of pop colour to break the monotony of black and silver. Last but not the least, I picked up a one shoulder top and went for a velvet skirt. Velvet is definitely in this season, especially paired with shimmer for a sassy night scene. I added to the oomph factor with a pair of thigh high boots. My style is edgy and chic so I went for solid shades of grey and black. Now this is just my take on their fabulous collection, my girls friends picked other pieces and created looks based on their own choices and comfort.

So go and select from ONLY's wide range for this party month and don't just party but #BeTheParty

Enjoy the pictures XX


#BeTheParty #ONLY

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