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Winter love ft. Himalaya

Winter is officially here and every girl in this world, however lazy or uninterested in skin care routines will have a go at lip balms and body lotions. You could count me in as one of these lazy bums, when it comes to strict skin care regimens and the wide variety of products that are available in markets today. Isn’t it almost scary sometimes to choose what will suit your skin, what won't and what will avoid any kind of side effects to keep us all happy and healthy? I myself used to be very skeptical about the brands I should indulge in and the exact products I could use. Since Mumbai winters are not really winters but just the summers becoming less hotter and less humid, I wanted something to keep my skin from becoming dry and yet not be too greasy or having a thick consistency. I received a fabulous hamper from Himalaya that contained a soothing body lotion, a nourishing skin cream, a revitalizing night cream and a super cute strawberry lip balm to name a few. Some other goodies like scarfs and socks were also present which absolutely made my day as the season calls for you to be wrapped in scarfs, even in our hot and humid Mumbai.

I started off using Himalaya’s Soothing Body Lotion with its special ingredients like the oils of almond and grape seed and non-greasy consistency it seeps into my skin and hydrates it well. Especially during December I make sure I moisturize my body every single day after I am back from a hectic work day. It’s relaxing and soothes my body and makes it look supple and more toned and gets me ready to face the next day with a relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body. I also started using the lip balm which is the Himalaya Strawberry Shine lip care. We are so busy and wrapped in our schedules that on most days we forget that our lips need constant looking after. The weather dries up our lips the fastest and the best way I would suggest to keep your lips healthy and looking fuller is to carry a natural lip balm in your handbag and touch up your lips every once in a while. This strawberry lip balm by Himalaya is my absolute favourite not just because it's strawberry flavoured but especially because it contains antioxidants and no preservatives. It is made from a 100 % natural colour with no petroleum jelly or silicone. I’m a sucker for natural products with bare minimum preservatives. No more tears on the lips or dried lips! Isn’t that wonderful?

I’m quite sure most of you must be wondering why a number of products need to be used instead of just using one single cream or lotion! I used to face the same question till I started my own blog. When I did a little research on skin care regimens I realized the effects and benefits of a cream and a body lotion are completely different. There was a lot more to skin care than I thought. I started using the Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream which is blended with extracts of Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry. I am particularly attached to this cream as the ingredient winter cherry relieves me of any tension and is known to work as an anti-stress agent. I apply it during the day before rushing to work or even before my shoot. I also incorporated one more product in my skin moisturizing routine, which is the Himalaya Revitalising Night Cream which not only hydrates my skin to bring back all the lost moisture while I get my beauty sleep. My essential reason for choosing this cream was that it renews skin cells and does damage repair which is rarely found in creams. Girls, if you use this cream, make sure to apply a nice coat before you slip into your night wear. It feels all soft and light if you use this before bedtime and now there is just no going back! In spite of being a little lazy with skin care I have managed to develop a healthy and satisfying routine for myself which I follow intently and it keeps me happy and going. Himalaya has been a huge part of this process. I make sure I don’t skip the process at least, even if the timings are a little scattered. But every girl who works and is on a strict schedule will find it difficult to stick to hard-core fixed timings. I suggest that you don’t restrain yourself to a fixed time to use the cream or the lotion but make sure you do apply it every day to keep the skin glowingly healthy. Apart from what we discussed above, I would recommend the Cocoa Butter Body Lotion or Winter Defense Moisturising Cream by Himalaya for dry skin. Girls with oily or regular skin need not worry! Himalaya has a variety of products for you guys as well!

How did you guys find my skin care regimen? It wasn’t very complicated right? Most of us over-estimate these beauty tricks that the body requires to maintain it. But it is actually very simple and just about taking care of our bodies. So let me know what you think or feel free to ask any questions about this routine I just described. You can also tell me in the comments any stories of yours which you feel should be shared. Enjoy the pictures XX




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